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The Sagittarius Man

This guy always has a crowd around him. You may have to push your way to the front to get noticed, but it will be well worth it. He is so optimistic and fun that he has you forgetting every trouble in the world. The Sagittarius man has big dreams for his life and his...

The Sagittarius Woman

This woman sees the world exactly as it is.  Well, exactly as it is behind her rose-colored glasses.  How many people do you know that are able to look at the world with logic and yet still be as optimistic as a Sagittarius?  She just accepts things as they are, and...

Quotes for Your Sun Sign – Part Trois

I recently ran across this brilliant poet named Bridgett Devoue (the beauty pictured) who I am now obsessed with.  Seeing that my Quotes for Your Sun Sign and Quotes for Your Sun Sign - Part Deux were so popular, I thought we needed a part Trois.  Below are some of my...

Gemini Woman – Sagittarius Man

When this fiery man sees this sprite of a woman with all of her antics and tricks up her sleeves, he will be downright nervous about her.  Nervous in the best way.  Maybe curious is a better word for it, but nonetheless he will be very interested.  Her teasing nature...

Sagittarius Woman – Pisces Man

There is something inexplicably odd about these two. They are so different yet similar in the same light. She is a free spirit, and he loves that about her. There is something so liberating about him, yet so heavy and deep all at the same time. They both share the...

Sagittarius Woman – Sagittarius Man

It is really quite astounding when these two find each other.  Their paths will have to cross just at the right time for this to truly work.  You see, these two are both so fiery, both incredibly independent, and both are always on a journey with no destination...

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