Gemini Man – Aquarius Man

These two men find so much solace and comfort with one another.  The only one thing that could cause discomfort between these two is the truth. Geminis have their own idea of the truth, and it is not quite the same as the Aquarian’s.  See, to a Gemini, the...

What Does It Means If You Have Retrograde Planets in Your Birth Chart?

So, we all know what it means when a planet is in retrograde. But what does it mean when you if you have a retrograde planet (or several) in your birth chart? Having a planet in retrograde at the time you were born is a lot more common than you might think. In fact,...

Aquarius Woman – Scorpio Man

This relationship has always and will always remind me of Sex and the City’s Carrie and Big relationship. This is the only relationship post I have ever compared to two fictional characters, but it is too perfect to pass up. It will not take her long to decipher the...

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