Gemini Woman – Aquarius Woman

 My very first same-sex post is dedicated to my Laiky: Thank you for being the bright and beautiful Gemini that you are.  Thank you for being such a great friend, and amazing Godmother to my fur babies.  I love your sunshine soul.These two women find so...

How to Lose an Aquarius Guy in 10 Ways

1. You make him feel undignified – As wacky as this guy can be at times, he is smart and doesn’t want you to make him feel anything less.2. Make him compromise himself too much – He will wear funky clothes, and try new and unconventional...

Keywords for Aquarius

PositiveHumanitarianIndividualisticHonestOriginalEccentricFuturisticInventiveIndependentUnconventionalModernFriendlyWillfulNegative ConflictingUnpredictableUnemotionalScatteredDetachedInsensitive 

Aquarius Woman – Gemini Man

The Aquarius woman is truly a misunderstood creature.  He always feels like no one can deal with his many sides.  Then they meet each other, and it is as though the clouds parted in the sky so they could finally clearly see what was meant for them.  They are odd...

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