What Does It Means If You Have Retrograde Planets in Your Birth Chart?

So, we all know what it means when a planet is in retrograde. But what does it mean when you if you have a retrograde planet (or several) in your birth chart? Having a planet in retrograde at the time you were born is a lot more common than you might think. In fact,...

The Cancer Boss

The serious hard-working Cancer executive is not about joking around when it comes to work. There is a sense of humor behind their crisp business face. They like to run a tight ship, so do not come sloppy to the job. They will be sitting at their tidy desk surrounded...

How to Spot a Cancer

There is something about a full Moon that brings a Cancer out of their shell. So if you are looking for one, check to see if the Moon is full and head out on the town. At night under the silvery gleam you can see their everchanging moods. They are silvery and magical...

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