The Gemini Boss

One day your Gemini boss will be irritated you were a few minutes late to a meeting and the next day they will not even notice if you showed up. The safest way to approach your leader is not to expect them to be what they were yesterday. They are not predictable, but...

How to Spot a Gemini

When you start seeing double, do not be alarmed you are just looking at a Gemini. Now you see them, now you don’t. These mercurial people have personalities that are incredibly changeable and many of them have alter egos. Their expressions change like lightning from...

The Gemini Child

You will love your Gemini child for their friendly nature, their alertness, how inquisitive they are along with being proud of their intelligence. This child is bright, interesting, and enthusiastic. Their little minds are in a thousand places all at once which will...

Gemini Woman – Leo Man

The Leo man will instantly feel a need to protect his Gemini woman, or should I say women. He sympathizes with her multifaceted personality immediately. In turn she is defensive of him wanting to shield him from judgement of his large personality caused by anyone....

Taurus Woman – Gemini Man

The Taurus woman can be the most convincing woman when she is in love. She will use her erotic sensuality, tender affection, rich humor, fantastic homemade food, and not to mention her incredible patience that will have her waiting around for as long as it takes to...

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